The State of the Conduit: Year 3


Hello!   Usually I like to post this earlier, but 2018 started with a week at Double Edge Theatre at their Winter Intensive.  It was an amazing experience, meeting the artists of that company, as well as artists from all over the world coming to train together.   

I can't believe Conduit Theatre is 3 years old!   This past year was about resettling and arriving in the Twin Cities.   It was a good year, establishing myself here.  I premiered a new solo show at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.  It was my first time as a Fringe producer, and it was a great experience.   Ended the show with a 4/5 star rating on the Fringe website, which is better than I expected for the new show.   

Besides creating a new show, I established an important connection to Open Flame Theatre, a company based just outside of the Twin Cities.   I worked on their production of The Wastelands in September as a helpful hand, an outside eye, but most importantly as a photographer.   Working with the artists of this company was a pretty life changing experience, and I hope to collaborate more with Open Flame on their future endeavors.  

 Production still of "The Wastelands" from Open Flame Theatre

Production still of "The Wastelands" from Open Flame Theatre

Looking Ahead: 2018

So what next?   I'm actually pretty blank on what 2018 has in store for Conduit Theatre.   I have rumblings in my mind for a new solo show, but it's still too hazy to provide details.   As I mentioned earlier, I hope to collaborate with Open Flame Theatre, and I want to continue to grow in my role in the community here in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.   I have personal and professional goals I'm interested in pursuing a bit more than my creative goals.  But I am open to being surprised by 2018.   I also will continue to create.  I just don't have specific goals to list here.

This is a rather short and sweet update.   

I mostly wanted to check in because I've been quiet with my own personal projects.   It is important for me to articulate a deep satisfaction with where I am at though.   I feel like I am finding artists to collaborate with on projects, and I am growing and changing rapidly as a human beyond just the theatrical realm.   There is so much more to be said, but it will be revealed in due time.   

When I started Conduit Theatre in 2015, it was because I had a specific itch as a theatre artist, and I wanted to pursue those endeavors.   I think that itch still exists, it hasn't gone away.   I have interests as a creator.   I am still intensely interested in how theatre can be something other than a thing people to go, sit down in a dark hall, while actors move frantically on stage trying to make you laugh or cry.   I want to experiment with the audiences' relationship to each other and to the actors.   I want actor and audience to work together in a show (something that perhaps "The Mystery" lacked completely).   

So please do not mistake the brevity and lack of activity as anything more than, I have endeavors I am engaged in on many levels, and my interests and passions are still strong.   It may not be a "Conduit Theatre" project, but the essence of what I am interested in will be carried with me in every moment.

I hope this finds you well, and have a great 2018.