5 Tips for Starting a Business


Since the decision to embark on the journey of having a theatre company, I decided early on that I had to leap into an understanding of business, and building a company.  It is my ultimate goal to build a vision with a structure so that artists come and work under the Conduit umbrella to create, curate, and collaborate. The goal always is to invent and re-invent new ways of connecting people together, using theatrical forms.

This is the boat upon which I row down a river.

I've directed plays.  I've written/devised new work.  I've acted.  I've helped in the marketing and execution of work.  What I lacked when I started this journey was the knowledge and experience of building a company.  So I set out to learn as much as I can wherever I can.

And I've boiled down 5 themes which seem to come up over and over again.

1. Persistence.  The journey is long sometimes.  Most successful endeavors take years to accomplish.  Be ready to walk the thousand miles, to put in 10,000 hours.  The journey is worth it, but only if you have:

2.  Vision.  See the future.  See the possibilities.  See what no one else has yet to see.  And then have the fortitude to make it a reality.  How?

3.  Surround yourself with the best talent.  Find the people who push you.  The people you can push back.  It is within that fire that the vision becomes refined and stronger.  And in order to do that, you have to

4.  Focus.  You can't do it all right now.  Once you have a team of people, create a list of all the things you want to accomplish that fit into that vision.  Then narrow it down to the top 10.  Then the top two or three.  And focus on just doing those things incredibly well.

5.  Continue to learn.  You aren't going to know everything.  But you will learn.  Everything new experience is a teachable moment.  Someday you might find yourself in the room as the experienced veteran.  And yet there will still be more to learn.  Keep the mind of a beginner, always eager to explore and study and be curious.