Top Ten Reasons Why Every Clown, Poet, and Acrobat Should Drop Everything and Move to Grand Forks, North Dakota.

  1. Be a pioneer-  The North Dakota prairie is wide open, a final frontier if you will for circus arts.  Working together, we could Manifest Destiny all over this unsuspecting region, and build an empire which contains the geographical center of North America.  Which leads to point two...
  2. Location, Location, Location   Grand Forks is just a few hours south of Winnipeg, 5 hours away from Minneapolis, and because we are in the center of the continent, you will never have the conversation, "Well we wanted to book a show in Orlando but we live on the opposite side of the country in Portland, Oregon."
  3. Grand Forks is the Clown-Poet-Acrobat center of North Dakota  No one else has made this claim, so I'm making it first.  Help me realize this claim by joining my mission!
  4. Less Competition  While there is a vibrant art scene in Grand Forks, the scene is far less dense than metropolitan cities like San Francisco, Montreal, or even Minneapolis.  It is easier to be seen and have a voice in the community.
  5. Grand Forks is Committed to the Arts The mayor has dedicated the next two years to focusing on the arts.  Public Arts Commission (PAC) is forming a plan for bringing more work to the city.  The city is about to burst with artistic opportunity.  With a busy summer schedule dedicated to exposing the arts in the community (ArtSee, ArtFest, and the Arts and Wine Walk), there are many opportunities to be seen and embraced by the community.
  6. Change the World Art can have a huge impact.  Do you know who needs the arts most?  The communities with less art.  By bringing a diverse and vibrant arts community to an area, you are sculpting the mindset of that community.  The best way to change the world is to start in the smallest of areas, and grow from there.
  7. The Edge New Works Festival  A brand new arts festival will be happening this fall.  For the more Fringe-savvy, this could be a great testing ground for new work in the future.
  8. Big Forkin' Festival  A new music festival this fall will fill the downtown area.  Now imagine if we filled the streets with clowns, living statues, and other performers to add even more vibrancy to this ambitious event.
  9. Did I mention downtown?   Downtown Grand Forks has become an exciting place.  The flood of 1997 made it seem like downtown was decimated.  But with some strong leadership, and local businesses committing to the area, DTGF glows.  Whether its theatre at the Empire or the Firehall Theatre, coffee at the Urban, or baked goods at Dakota Harvest, it is easy to spend an entire day in the area and finish it off with a stop at the Toasted Frog or Brick and Barley.  Don't you want to be a part of that?
  10. The Community Needs You Whatever skills you have, this town needs you.  It is ready.  We simply need a few brave souls to leap into the abyss, and let the world watch in amazement as you sprout wings and fly.