Finding the Spark

Conduit Theatre is a company based in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  We strive to Create, Curate, and Collaborate to produce spiritual, resonant, theatrical productions.  These three actions form Conduit’s most important goal:  Connection.

Create: We generate new work, based in the theatrical realms of clown, melodrama, physical theater, and poetry.  The goal is to make work that lives through tours.

Curate: We promote and assemble evenings of entertainment.  Some of this work will be bringing in guest artists from around the world, to contribute work to the community.

Collaborate: We pair with organizations, artists, and businesses to create engaging evenings, using theatre in unconventional manners to bring art to business and business to art.

We borrow from Friedrich Schleiermacher’s definition of spirituality: “…the miracle of direct contact with the infinite” (Addresses on Religion, 1799).  Our work should fill the audience with the vastness of the human spirit.  Audience members should walk away, feeling the vital force of the human experience, and they should say to themselves, “I know what it means to live now.”


If you are interested in how Conduit Theatre may be able to work with you in event planning, presentations, or adding some spark to your business or organization, contact us.  With a single coffee and conversation we can change the world.

The Creator

Jared Fladeland believes in bringing people together for a common purpose.

A native of the Greater Grand Forks area, Jared is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance and the Honors program.  It was at this time he met Matt Chapman, a Brooklyn theatre artist, founder of physical theatre company Under the Table, and graduate of a school called Dell’arte International School of Physical Theatre.  Meeting Matt, learning more about physical theatre and Dell’arte International, Jared knew he wanted to study at Dell’arte.


In 2009 Jared enrolled at Dell’arte International, embarking on a life changing journey. Under Ronlin Foreman, Joan Schirle, Michael Fields, and mask-maker Bruce Marrs, Jared learned the art of clowning, acrobatics, melodrama, commedia dell’arte, tai chi, improv, theatre games, and Alexander Technique.  He became interested in creating what Jared calls a theatre of spirituality, where theatre strives to waken up the audience through emotional catharsis, empathy, and compassion.

After completing the one year Professional Training Program, Jared moved to Los Angeles, where he worked with Michael Arden (Director and producer of the Deaf West production of Spring Awakening moving to Broadway), Debbie McMahon (The Grand Guignolers), Olga Petrakova and Bryan Brown (ARTEL and their theatre space SCHKAPF), Alex Suha, and the Pacific Resident Theatre as a commedia dell’arte teacher.


After a brief stint in Portland, Oregon, where he briefly worked with Box of Clowns and Imago Theatre, Jared returned to the midwest and founded Conduit Theatre, bringing the rich theatre genres he worked in on the West Coast to his hometown.


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"May we be conduits
to the heart, always"

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